Must See Revamp Ideas For Your Entrance Hall

The entrance to our homes deserves much consideration when we attempt to create a positive impression on guests. It is the place they see first, and they will form an opinion of us from it. We often pay so much attention to the main rooms in our house that it suffers neglect.


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This article is dedicated to the decor and features to include in your hallway, to make it a pleasant place to be. Some things are inexpensive, so there is no reason you cannot use the ideas in your home.

The Front Door

The front door makes a statement about you. If it is an old relic from the nineteen seventies that is rotten at the bottom, it shows that you are not concerned with appearance or quality. But if your front door is of high quality, polished hardwood, it indicates that you are a person who pays attention to detail. Even the best door will not look good unless you dress it with high quality furniture. The door handle, knocker, and letterbox should be heavy metal such as brass. If you visit an estate agents in Basildon or the surrounding areas in your search for a new home, the front door may reveal clues about what lies behind it. That is a handy tip for sellers too.

The Flooring

If you have a carpet in the entrance hall, it will eventually become dirty. Even if people wipe their feet before entering, they cannot clean their shoes completely. Think instead about a floor covering that is resistant to dirt and stains. Ultra-modern designs may make use of vinyl that comes in all the colours under the rainbow. It is a far cry from the old linoleum that was in use several decades ago. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, but they are chilly underfoot. Laminate flooring is an ideal solution here. It is easy to fit, durable, and wipes clean easily. There are so many shades and grain effects available that you are sure to find something to match your decor.


The style of the decoration depends on the size of the room. It is a great place to introduce some expensive flock wallpaper that oozes quality. If the hallway is large, you can get away with dark shades, but stick to light colours if it is small. Make a small area appear spacious with a big mirror on one wall.


Your guests will appreciate somewhere to sit and remove their shoes. A bench seat will serve the purpose well. A wooden hat and coat stand looks much better than wall hooks. Some of them are quite ornate too, and much craftsmanship goes into their construction. Don’t buy the cheapest items out there, they are poor quality and look ugly.

Umbrellas are a problem because they are awkward to store. People frown upon the use of an elephant’s foot umbrella store these days, but there are alternatives for storing your brollies, such as brass or ceramic holders.

I hope you have found my advice useful; it has served me well for decades. It is all smoke and mirrors at the end of the day, don’t you think?

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